London Calling

It was Jolly London town for us. We joined up with our friends to enjoy an action packed day full of art and sun.

A welcome sight on a hot sunny day, this fruit stand is the first thing we saw after stepping out from South Kensington.

The tasty portable treats kept coming.

Our big event for the day was the graphic print fair Pick Me Up at Somerset House. We will be writing about several of the exhibits featured at the fair in the next few weeks. It was an absolutely incredible collection of studio groups and collectives.

We were amazed at the consistancy of quality and the level of talent that was on display. The first level had feaured artists display in more of a gallery set up. The two upper floors consisted mainly of collectives and groups with their work displayed on booths and make shift structures. The fair reflected a generation of serious artists coming together in this community to make cool and imaginative work. We will be highlighting some of the stand out shops.

It was hard to break free from the Pick Me Up fair, but we managed to do it. The National Gallery was our next destination. It felt fulfilling to get back to the foundations of fine art. We walked through the halls taking in the paintings of art history’s finest artists; Cezanne, Manet, Monet, Vuillard, Van Gogh.

St. James’ Park was the perfect place to relax. We were surrounded by the most beautiful green grass littered with daffodils. We sat in front of a calm river ful of geese, ducks and swans. It was a dream.

Buckingham palace was our last stop in a busy day. The palace was gorgeous and ornate, but we were most impressed by the Beefeater’s. Their big fluffy hats, their under-nose clasps, their rifle cozy’s but mostly, it was their march and shuffle which dazzled us. Their march and shuffle can not be captured by photo, unfortuanitely. We tried.

We loved London. It was the perfect day in a great city and we can’t wait to visit again.