Made-It Market

This past Saturday the Made-It market was in town at Cambridge Guildhall. 30 designers filled the second floor of Guildhall, and the space was booming with craft lovers. On a side note Guildhall is gorgeous! The sun poured through [nearly] floor to ceiling windows, the walls must’ve been 20 ft high and the walls were a gorgeous robin’s egg blue, it reminded us of an old estate house. It was the perfect back drop for this event, as many of the designers had their spring colors out. Some running trends were pastels, colourful-patterned bunting, accessories affiliated with tea parties, felt creations, and illustrated stationery.

Retrovert caught our attention with all of their one-of-a- kind items they had on display. Retrovert upcycles vintage objects to accomodate a modern lifestyle. Their collection was special in the way that only vintage pieces can be; they come with their own histories and promise to add to our future.

Cheeky Rose had a stand between the two rooms that hosted the event. Their stand really stood out, they were selling women’s clothing with beautiful patterns and colors that went against the grain at this event. It was a welcome change, instead of pastels they were displaying strong, decisive colors with bold prints.

We had a very exciting surprise, Gemma Correll was there! We finally got to purchase one of her awesome products! We saw her work in London so it was a surprise treat to see her a few days later in Cambridge. We had previously known her as “Pugs Not Drugs”, luckily we got the chance to speak with her. She was very sweet and obliging. It’s so cool to see illustrations and think “that looks like a lot of fun to make”. When you purchase an item from Gemma Correll it sort of feels like you just bought a little smile.

All in all, there were a diverse bunch of talented designers at a fun and interesting Saturday market. It ended with a massive pink meringue that we all shared. Delicious.