Spotlight! Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton Comics

There’s an amazing book shop in Baltimore, Atomic Books, every time we go there we buy another amazing find. The next time we are over state-side we will be rummaging through their bookshelves. Among the hundreds of books, we found Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant! book about a year ago and love it to pieces. Once we start reading it, it was impossible to put down!

Hark! A Vagrant!

Hark! A Vagrant! is a collection of comics exploring some historical fan fiction. She makes history really fun, there are general historical references but more importantly Canadian historical references! We do not know enough Canadian history. There are also some great nods to feminism in her collection which are far more hilarious than that intro would suggest.

Fop GunCanadaFeminism!

Kate Beaton is one of the coolest comic illustrators today. Her blog, Hark! a Vagrant! is the best for seeing her imagination at work, a lot of the posts are sketches, straight from the book. The posts are funny and loose and smart.

A personal favourite:

Sexy Batman

Kate Beaton: Thank you for making us giggle!