Spotlight! Skinny Laminx

Skinny Laminx is a design label based in South Africa that sells textile based housewares.

Skinny Laminx

Skinny Laminx is the creation of illustrator, writer and designer Heather Moore. Her work has gotten a huge amount of attention from big name blogs like DesignSponge to respected magazines like Elle. We found Skinny Laminx when first getting into the Etsy game, her store is incredible. Her designs are fun and colourful, and simple. They have a Scandonavian feel in the minimalist designs but the colours and imagery reflect sunny South African influences.

SproutsWild Flowers CushionFlatware NapkinsucculentsSpace for LifePencil BagKidsApronBlueFlower Dreams

Find more via the Skinny Laminx website, Skinny Laminx blog and Skinny Laminx Etsy store.