The Wire, 10 years

The Wire

10 years ago this month, The Wire premiered on HBO. As a Baltimore native, I’m a massive fan and recommend it to anyone who has the attention span to invest in a true masterpiece.

It’s a story that is as broad as human nature and as specific as a Baltimore accent (we are talking block specific). It’s a story about American city politics and society and drug culture, and of course, a story about Baltimore. It’s as close to a Dickensian novel as any modern story telling can get. 10 points to any super fan who recalls that reference.

I’m no great reader of Maxim magazine because of their gratuitous use of boobs, slack-jawed pouts, and body oil, but this article by Marc Spitz is a must read for any fan of the Wire, enjoy!

Some gems:

Having spent so much time in England, Baltimore was a wonderful education on American politics, American history, American society. And although this was centered in Baltimore, it was easy to see in a very short period of time how Baltimore was just every major city in America.

Clarke Peters


They called me and told me I got the part of Bubbles, and my wife got excited. “Oh, shit! You got the part!” Packing her bag for L.A., and I’m like, “Nah, nah, we filming in Baltimore.” And she unpacked real quickly: “I’ll see you when you come home.”

Andre Royo (Bubbles)


44 fucks? It’s about 20 too many. We even added some in post-production. It came out of something a cop had said to David once, and he thought that he could write an entire report only using the word fuck.

Domenic West


David Simon told me when I got the script for Episode 12—he was like, “Look, Mike, we love you, everyone loves you. That’s kind of why we have to kill you.”

Michael B. Jordan

There was true inspiration—people down on the waterfront who I wanted to honor and respect. People who basically just broke their backs, and their dads did before them. I can’t tell you how much time I spent in bars on the waterfront there.

Chris Bauer

Carcetti began with a genuine desire to reform, to be a good mayor. But you know the system is moneyed. It’s purchased.

David Simon


At the time they had “No Child Left Behind,” and all we were seeing was all the kids left behind. It was really played out in real time in the most powerful way. Finding boxes of books and computers, all unopened. Those were real finds, and going home at the end of the night, turning on the news and hearing bullshit about education from the politicians.

Robert Wisdom

“Season 5 examines the decline of print journalism as both a commercial and an ethical institution. One thing Simon knew he had to resolve was the fate of Omar, whom then-presidential candidate Barack Obama claimed as his favorite Wire character (while adding a caveat: ‘That’s not an endorsement…’).”


The Wire is the best show on television since PeeWee’s Playhouse, and that was the best thing since Howdy Doody. That’s it for me, nothing’s going to get better. I cried watching the ending. I mean it was such a beautiful tribute to Baltimore. That anybody can say it makes Baltimore look bad is amazing to me because it makes Baltimore look smart!

John Waters